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Receiving British TV and Radio Satellite, free of charge

Since 1998, "free to air" brodcasts from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 (and Irish Brodcasters) have been available without the need for a special box, subscription or card.

You need a free-to-air satellite receiver or Freesat box, and a satellite dish set up to receive the signal from 28.2° East. A new satellite, Astra 2E, entered service at that location in 2014, but it operates with a much narrower beam, much more focused on the UK and Ireland than before. Therefore the further you are from the British Isles, the larger the diameter of the satellite dish you will probably need. In certain locations the signal may not be received at all.

If you live in a copropriété you should consider having a motion placed on the agenda of the Assemblée Générale des copropriétaires for permission to install your own private dish - remember - in France everyone has a legal right to a TV aerial (le droit à l'antenne, décret du 22 décembre 1967). If you rent your home, you should ask your landlord to do this for you.